A stream of 97 gem- and beads embellished with stunning vintage wheels the body of this necklace. The stones are beautifully cut or faceted.

This bohemian chic necklace is of high quality large and small unique natural beads: AMETHYST, ONYX, SAPPHIRE QUARTZ, FRESHWATER , JASPER, BLUE AVENTURINE, LAZUR-QUARTZ, MOTHER OF PEARL and CARNELIAN.
This is made of natural materials: Stones, shells, pearls, leather, crystal, glass and metal with nickel free plating. Because nature doesn’t produce exact copies , every item is unique on it’s own.
Crafted with love and care, in a vintage silver-tone patina metal.

This necklace looks fantastic alone or layered with other necklaces of sizes and lengths to add depth and rich to your look.
I Please be careful with , hairspray or other body-care products.
This women’s boho gift can be worn close to the neck or long and flowing.

The necklace is finished off with a stainless lobster clasp and .

Total : 100 cm / 39″

Weight: 144 grams

Euro: 148.-