[ad_1] PICASSO JASPER Pendant
Jasper is an opaque rock often with Patterns, which during the consolidation forming and depositional patterns in the silica rich sediment or volcanic ash.

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Picasso Jasper is said to attract positive people into ones and support and encourage friendships to in healthy ways, and also help renew old friendships that may have been lost. It has grounding and calming quality that helps to encourage strength and self-discipline.
Picasso Jasper is said to help to remind us to celebrate life and to help us to realise that it is not too late to enjoy ourselves and to ‘ a little’.
Picasso Jasper is also believed to promote the development of creativity and to bring strength and self-discipline. It is thought to bring calm to difficult situations and to encourage us to relax and enjoy life.
Jasper is a variety of quartz. All quartz is considered to be quite durable compared to most other gemstones.
As with most gemstones, avoid the use of any harsh household (bleach, sulfuric acid etc.) when caring for or cleaning jasper. Jasper is quite porous which allows it to be easily stained, absorbing other and colors very easily. Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat, as heating quartz can permanently alter the color of your gemstones. When storing jasper, it in a soft cloth and place it inside a fabric-lined box for added protection.

Measurements: 75 mm x 30 mm
Weight: 29 grams
Euro: 28.-