Tibet, the land of snow mountains, once an isolated secret kingdom, has a centuries medicine system, Sowa Riga, which means the Science of . Once a monastic secret , the lineage of this system can be traced back to at least the first century AD and is still going strong today.
Physical from the Buddhist perspective, is closely bound with mental, social and spiritual . Disturbing emotions such as the three mental poisons of attachment, anger and closed-mindedness, are said to cause disharmony in bodily energies and can cause disease. For Buddhists, when the mind is liberated from ignorance and delusion, it is considered to be “free from disease.”

Tibetan medicine teaches that the purpose of is to be . By using Tibetan medicine for self-care, it is possible to become aware of how your thoughts and behaviours influence your health and happiness. Tibetan medicine includes , science, and healing practices that can help and maintain a healthy mind and body. It is a holistic mind body medicine from the roof of the world that use of rare herbs grown at high altitudes.