[ad_1] EPIDOTE Quartz
A and consisting of rich virgin olive green Epidote included in gem quality, colourless Quartz.

Epidote is one of the most outstanding display minerals. The finest and most desirable form of this mineral is in delicate elongated crystals that are extremely lustrous and often interconnected. This form is treasured by collectors and creates one of the finest mineral showpieces. The color of Epidote is almost invariably green, in all different shades and tones, with a pistachio color habit being very typical.

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Epidote occurs in all shades and tones of green, with yellowish-green or pistachio color being most typical and most desirable.
It’s is just captivating! Quartz with epidote, also quartz, reiki quartz or green earth keepers, are extremely rare and a serious must-have for workers, healers or anyone who practices on a spiritual level. They act as a teacher of the hidden wisdom of nature, connecting us with the Earth on a deeper soul level. The quartz magnifies the epidote meaning, magnifying the goodness and blessings that already exist in your life.

The beautiful earthy green color of EPIDOTE quartz is connected with the heart chakra. Working with it for heart chakra healing purifies your emotions, releasing them into the Earth for transmutation.

Carat: 31
Weight: 16 grams
Size of gem: 30 mm x 16 mm
Euro: 289.-